End of Year Medical for 2014


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Seventy percent of the 61,272 qualifying patient cardholders were males, according to the 2014 end-of-year report. The top unique debilitating medical condition listed was“severe and chronic pain” and was listed by 80% of qualifying patients.

Other highlights:

• New Year’s Eve had the highest number of transactions, almost 80 kilograms.

• About $112 million worth of revenue was generated based on the assumption that the store price for marijuana was $350 an ounce.

• 85 dispensaries were open and operational during the 2014 calendar year.

• 1,563 (about 2.5%) of qualifying patients and 371 (about 58%) of caregivers were authorized to cultivate.

• Eleven cards were revoked, including caregivers with multiple cards.

• Female qualifying patients and designated caregivers were more likely to be older compared to male qualifying patients and caregivers.

• 18-30 year olds had the highest number of transactions followed by 31-40 year olds and 51-60 year olds.

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Police Encounters


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There are so many stories circling the air regarding police encounters – whether there are reasons behind them or not, that is up to them to decide. I feel that they do have quite the power trip radiating off of their uniforms though.

Did you know that here is Arizona, you can get pulled over for “walking on the wrong side of the road”. No Joke, this is serious. It did not happen to me, however, it did transpire with one of my close smoke buddies. He was walking home just like he has been for over 20 years and an officer pulled him over for walking on the wrong side of the road.

He was asked about where his destination was, if he has identification on him, if he had weapons on him, if he had drugs on him, etc. – Pretty much the run down. Mind you, he was sober – not falling all over the place acting retarded.

Why? Why would this cop decide to do this? Without reason? Odd.

Well, let me give you a description. About 6 feet tall, white male, tattoos head to toe, gauged ears, hoodie, flip-flops, cargo shorts, and wearing headphones.

Yep, apparently that is all you need to look like in order to land in the hot seat. Of course he had about 2 grams of weed on him. Which he admit to the officer and showed him, along with his Medical Marijuana Card. Which was awesome because it was his first time having to use the card that he paid so much for to ensure his protection under AZ State Law.

After looking him up in the system and seeing that he was not “wanted” for anything (no warrant) – the officer was going to let him walk – but of course, at that same time another cop was driving by – and you know how they do… They just have to turn on the lights, flip a bitch, and come stir things up trying to “assist” their fellow officer.

Yet again – WHY? Do you feel that your fellow officer does not know how to properly do their job? They did not call it in, they did not request backup. And of course at this point everyone in the area is outside watching and waiting for an arrest to happen… Making innocent people look like convicts in their own neighborhood.

This second officer of course starts in on the Medical Marijuana – and for all of you smokers out there – this is important – KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and KNOW YOUR LIMITS! Luckily for my friend, he knew his rights and his limits and proceeded to inform the police of what those were. Upon further investigation of what they were informed of, they got their verification and allowed him to walk.

It ended up being a 45 minute ordeal – ironically over walking on the wrong side of the road.

Moral of the Story:

Know your rights.

Know your legal limits.

ALWAYS carry your Medical Marijuana Card on your person.

Read up on the laws in your area – it very well might save you from being booked into jail tonight.

Always be polite to police even if they are wrong – it just might help bring that person in a bad mood to a calm and reasonable state of mind.

Vortex Pipe – Product Review


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This is by far one of the best pipes that I have ever smoked out of! Not only does it provide you with a cooled clear hit, but it entertains you while smoking!

Recently one of my friends that works as a driver for a Medical Marijuana Collective gained a wonderful gift from a patient. This patient owns a glass warehouse and supplies pipes to multiple Smoke Shops in our area. She was kind enough to set aside what is called a Vortex Pipe as a late Christmas present for her driver.

That night he came over to medicate with me and shows me this beautiful piece… It was so odd that it just pulled my interest. For one, this piece had quite an interesting shape and form to the glass. This piece has a wonderful weight to it – nothing that you would easily drop and fits into your hand so perfectly! It has the normal bowl of a given glass piece and then forms on what looks to be a cone shape, which then releases the smoke through the mouth piece. You will notice that this pipe also had multiple holes drilled into it. The carb is at the head of the piece, on the front of the bowl. There are three more holes drilled into the glass around the upper portion of the cone… these three holes are what makes the magic happen!!

Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended

The angle at which these holes are drilled, it makes the smoke that is pulled in from the bowl spiral within the glass cone – creating a tornado / vortex effect within the smoke chamber! It looks AMAZING! You can also plug any of the three holes to change the smoke spiral effect.

The plus side to this draw process is that the smoke circulating as a cooling effect on your smoke, so it provides you with a clean, smooth rip every time! Also, if you take a strong, fast pull you get a tight thick vortex hit. If you take a slow, long hit – you get a loose, wide tornado effect. Mind you, you can play with the smoke effect during the hit that you are taking.

You are provided with such a nice, smooth rip even with harsh cannabis!!

If you are ever looking for another piece to smoke your goods out of, I highly recommend getting a Vortex Pipe if you see one available in the shop. Not only are you going to be proud of this piece of art, but you are going to enjoy every sitting that you experience with it! You can smoke less and still get where you need to be – thus allowing your stash to last you prolonged periods of time. On top of that – you will be completely entertained during the process!

New Marijuana Species


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If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

Honestly I can’t believe that people bought into this… I mean, I know that we all have this hidden hope of finding a long-lost strain of cannabis that would put all of the other wonderful versions we smoke today to shame… But the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. Someone, somewhere would have found that sh*t by now.

***Story was a Hoax***

Both of these statements are not only true, they’re critical to our biggest story of the year, so far: the possible discovery of a new species of marijuana, reportedly found in Australia. Unfortunately, this was proven to be a hoax (by someone with a lot of time on their hands).

It is however a fun topic to sit back and think about – What would it be called? What inside of this new-found glory would or could make it better than those that we currently have on the shelf? What kind of new hybrid could we create? How would this new plant mix with a Sativa VS an Indica? The list of questions could and would be damn near endless! So many float through my head and my imagination gives me wishful answers that would make every cannabis stoner happier than they have been in the past 100 years!

Personally I am a Sativa person! I love it! Of course there are some Sativa strains that I would rather not mess with, but hey there is a bunk version in every category – thus you get what you pay for. Indica strains steal my drive, I feel held down and lazy. Then hungry and of course, you need a freakin’ nap! When I medicate with my Sativas… look out cause I’m ready for action! HA! Pain-Free, Happy, Smiling, Calm, Motivated, Determined, and so much more! For sure my plant of choice. I will say that there are some amazing Hybrid Strains out there as well! They have come to my rescue more times than I can count.



What do you think about overall legalizing marijuana? I know that there are tons of different views points on this topic and individuals just love to fight and argue over it. Well – my opinion – people are going to smoke it whether you like it or not, so why not tax that shit and make some money? It’s like a crackhead – Crack will never in a million years even have the chance to become legal…. BUT guess what, a crackhead that needs a fix is always going to find that crack they are looking for – even if they don’t have money, they find a way to get their hands on it – you can fill in your own blank with whatever odds and ends thing you can think of – I am sure someone somewhere has done it for less!

Seriously think about what you are putting into your body!

Seriously think about what you are putting into your body!

I personally am a legal medical cannabis user – and I pay a good chuck of change every year to be able to use my medicines. However, I do not feel that we, as medical marijuana smokers, have enough protection via state law.

And with that as the last statements – has opened a whole different can of worms that I would absolutely LOVE to cover! Stay tuned for that conversation – Till then, PUFF THOSE CLOUDS!

Vampire Bat Robot – Switzerland


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Yeah, you read that right! A Vampire Bat Robot… Really? I would consider this to be a major waste of government funds. But hey, I could be wrong.

So in case you have not heard, Scientists from Switzerland have built an autonomous robot that can walk and fly on the same appendages, much like the vampire bat.

The robot, called DALER (Deployable Air-Land Exploration Robot), has moveable tips at the end of its wings, which allow it to crawl along the ground, technology association, the IEEE reports.

Interesting – kind of… However this makes me think of a fifth grade science / robotics class. After reading into this new robot, it was stated that it can fly up to 40 mph – Cool, that is a good speed for flight… However, it walks/crawls less than 1 mph… Not much accomplished there buddy. Toddler toys move faster than that!

Ludovic Daler, who is the creator, sees DALER being most useful in search-and-rescue missions. DALER could fly into disaster zones, land and locate injured victims, without having to put any other lives at stake in the search.

The creator thinks that this invention would be good for flying into disaster zones to perform search and rescue missions. As he states “land and locate”. Based on his own review of this machine, IT MOVES LESS THAN 1 MPH ON THE GROUND… Once it lands, it’s going to take 5 hours to find one person – who by the way has probably already passed on. Seriously, if I get blown up by an IED and I am bleeding out, what are my odds of survival if I have to stay there bleeding out for hours waiting and hoping for this vampire bat robot to locate me. What are the odds.

Apparently U.S. Naval Research Lab is also looking into bat-flight based robots. Go figure, leave something like that to the Navy. He didn’t say that the damn thing could swim! We already have so many robotic search machines, we really don’t need a bat. You don’t think that it will look odd to people to see a bat flying overhead, in daylight, conveniently flying into a disaster zone? Yeah, I am pretty freaking sure that whoever is attacking is going to catch on to that madness really quick!

Arizona HOA – FRAUD!


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We had an employee check your property today and he found that there was grass in your yard. That is a $57 fee for today. $7 for the photo and $50 for the grass. Prior you had a balance of $310.

As I am sure that most or you are aware of the HOA (Homeowners Association), this is what I was informed of earlier today… So let’s rewind to two days ago…

*BUZZ* Incoming Text from Property Owner:

I got a phone call from the HOA regarding your property. There is a $310 balance. Please take care of this by the end of the week. Thx.

PSHT! I don’t know what for because nobody from the HOA has ever notified me of any issues… Which mind you, they are supposed to notify you every time there is an issue. So, I call the HOA – complete gaggle of idiots on the phone that make NO SENSE – They inform my of a million different dates from August last year through December of last year. As they continue reading the charges that are rapidly adding up, this individual is reading off a million late fees (which might not have been there if I knew about this when it was a $7 bill).

By the end of this phone call, she sends me a waiver form via email, as well as a tenant form because apparently the HOA showed that this was a vacant resident (I have lived here for three years…) So I fill out the retarded form and email it back.

Today –> I call the HOA Office to check the status of the waiver for the past charges and what happens!?!?!? OH FREAKIN’ BILL!! Who the hell is Bill? Don’t you know this female informs me that there is another $57 charge added to my account from today regarding my front yard having GRASS!! I was shocked! WHAT!?! I have NO grass… nothing even GREEN! ALL FREAKIN’ ROCKS (Thank you AZ)… This female is claiming that “Bill” took pictures < SEND THEM TO ME CAUSE YOUR MAN IS BLIND! >

I then inform her that I am going to take pictures of my yard as is and email them to her for view. I don’t see any miniature golf course anywhere around here!! On the funny side – I have yet to receive her email with these pictures that “Bill” took. Nor have they called me back.

So my question is why on Earth would anyone want to live in an HOA property. Seriously!?! People pay $250 a month just so that these F*CK*RS can judge our yards and make up some random BS to charge you more money for nothing… HA! Don’t you know this female asked me for my Debit Card Number to put the bill on Auto-Pay… Yeah – Ummmm NOOOOO – That’s not going to happen! Could you imagine checking your bank account and you are randomly missing $400 and you have to fight to get your money back and then IF you get it back, it is going to take another 3-5 business days to get your money into your account… yeah I have other bills that need to get paid before a BS made-up bill that you decided to issue without proof and without notification.

Last, but not least – let me inform you of this – We just had all of the yard work done last Saturday. So the irony of them pulling this stunt when our yard is looking at its best …. ridiculous!! They could have at least lied and made it out to be some other day that I could not recall what precisely my yard looked like at that given time – so they literally just put their foot in their mouth by providing information about grass in my yard today. That just proves to me that I can not trust the fees and late fees that have already been assigned on my account for last year!

How many of you out there have been played by the HOA? Does this happen in other states? Give us a shout out if you live in an area with a GOOD HOA SERVICE!!!

Sh*t, with as much money as I pay them, they should have someone out here cleaning my yard and providing maintenance!


Introduction to the Public


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Greetings to everyone and thank you for spending your time with myself and friends. We discuss millions of things and commonly have what we consider to be “People’s Court” – this is when we have an opinion about a given topic and feel the need to get other opinions on said topic. Sometimes there are just two individuals with opposing views and we need to gather deal breakers. Other times, we just have tons to say about everything under the sun – whether that be concepts, personal life, Medical Cannabis, businesses, companies, products, etc…. This list could literally go on forever with the amount of things that we cover. Honestly, we were thinking on start a YouTube channel as well! I think that we would gather tons of viewers that would subscribe to our channel. I mean really – half of the things that we converse about and the random commentary is hilarious – seriously, we could not make these things up if we tried. Now I cannot promise that I will be posting daily… I wouldn’t want to completely bore you with some random boring crap – I want to blog about things that will either make you laugh your ass off OR something that is a serious matter (with underlined humor incorporated) and we want to know what others have to say about it.

No, I have never done this before – none of us have. But you know what!? You have to start somewhere so HERE IT IS! TA DA!!

Yes – I use profane words at times, none of us are claiming to be saints about anything… Yes I am a Medical Marijuana Patient and so are all of my friends. We only medicate in the evenings – NO, it is NOT dangerous, but if that is your viewpoint, so be it – you are missing out on multiple wonderful benefits from a plant provided by Mother nature herself… Which by the way will be a hot topic within this blog.

My boyfriend and I are both out of the US Army – Signal Corps. We have amazing neighbors that are AZ patients as well. All four of us have created a tight bond over the course of the years. As I stated earlier, this is going to be an extension of conversations that the four of us have already had – or had that night. Be prepared for some humor – some randomness – different viewpoints and opinions – and above all – some insanity *HAHAHAHAHA* – no, but really…