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Greetings to everyone and thank you for spending your time with myself and friends. We discuss millions of things and commonly have what we consider to be “People’s Court” – this is when we have an opinion about a given topic and feel the need to get other opinions on said topic. Sometimes there are just two individuals with opposing views and we need to gather deal breakers. Other times, we just have tons to say about everything under the sun – whether that be concepts, personal life, Medical Cannabis, businesses, companies, products, etc…. This list could literally go on forever with the amount of things that we cover. Honestly, we were thinking on start a YouTube channel as well! I think that we would gather tons of viewers that would subscribe to our channel. I mean really – half of the things that we converse about and the random commentary is hilarious – seriously, we could not make these things up if we tried. Now I cannot promise that I will be posting daily… I wouldn’t want to completely bore you with some random boring crap – I want to blog about things that will either make you laugh your ass off OR something that is a serious matter (with underlined humor incorporated) and we want to know what others have to say about it.

No, I have never done this before – none of us have. But you know what!? You have to start somewhere so HERE IT IS! TA DA!!

Yes – I use profane words at times, none of us are claiming to be saints about anything… Yes I am a Medical Marijuana Patient and so are all of my friends. We only medicate in the evenings – NO, it is NOT dangerous, but if that is your viewpoint, so be it – you are missing out on multiple wonderful benefits from a plant provided by Mother nature herself… Which by the way will be a hot topic within this blog.

My boyfriend and I are both out of the US Army – Signal Corps. We have amazing neighbors that are AZ patients as well. All four of us have created a tight bond over the course of the years. As I stated earlier, this is going to be an extension of conversations that the four of us have already had – or had that night. Be prepared for some humor – some randomness – different viewpoints and opinions – and above all – some insanity *HAHAHAHAHA* – no, but really…