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Yeah, you read that right! A Vampire Bat Robot… Really? I would consider this to be a major waste of government funds. But hey, I could be wrong.

So in case you have not heard, Scientists from Switzerland have built an autonomous robot that can walk and fly on the same appendages, much like the vampire bat.

The robot, called DALER (Deployable Air-Land Exploration Robot), has moveable tips at the end of its wings, which allow it to crawl along the ground, technology association, the IEEE reports.

Interesting – kind of… However this makes me think of a fifth grade science / robotics class. After reading into this new robot, it was stated that it can fly up to 40 mph – Cool, that is a good speed for flight… However, it walks/crawls less than 1 mph… Not much accomplished there buddy. Toddler toys move faster than that!

Ludovic Daler, who is the creator, sees DALER being most useful in search-and-rescue missions. DALER could fly into disaster zones, land and locate injured victims, without having to put any other lives at stake in the search.

The creator thinks that this invention would be good for flying into disaster zones to perform search and rescue missions. As he states “land and locate”. Based on his own review of this machine, IT MOVES LESS THAN 1 MPH ON THE GROUND… Once it lands, it’s going to take 5 hours to find one person – who by the way has probably already passed on. Seriously, if I get blown up by an IED and I am bleeding out, what are my odds of survival if I have to stay there bleeding out for hours waiting and hoping for this vampire bat robot to locate me. What are the odds.

Apparently U.S. Naval Research Lab is also looking into bat-flight based robots. Go figure, leave something like that to the Navy. He didn’t say that the damn thing could swim! We already have so many robotic search machines, we really don’t need a bat. You don’t think that it will look odd to people to see a bat flying overhead, in daylight, conveniently flying into a disaster zone? Yeah, I am pretty freaking sure that whoever is attacking is going to catch on to that madness really quick!