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This is by far one of the best pipes that I have ever smoked out of! Not only does it provide you with a cooled clear hit, but it entertains you while smoking!

Recently one of my friends that works as a driver for a Medical Marijuana Collective gained a wonderful gift from a patient. This patient owns a glass warehouse and supplies pipes to multiple Smoke Shops in our area. She was kind enough to set aside what is called a Vortex Pipe as a late Christmas present for her driver.

That night he came over to medicate with me and shows me this beautiful piece… It was so odd that it just pulled my interest. For one, this piece had quite an interesting shape and form to the glass. This piece has a wonderful weight to it – nothing that you would easily drop and fits into your hand so perfectly! It has the normal bowl of a given glass piece and then forms on what looks to be a cone shape, which then releases the smoke through the mouth piece. You will notice that this pipe also had multiple holes drilled into it. The carb is at the head of the piece, on the front of the bowl. There are three more holes drilled into the glass around the upper portion of the cone… these three holes are what makes the magic happen!!

Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended

The angle at which these holes are drilled, it makes the smoke that is pulled in from the bowl spiral within the glass cone – creating a tornado / vortex effect within the smoke chamber! It looks AMAZING! You can also plug any of the three holes to change the smoke spiral effect.

The plus side to this draw process is that the smoke circulating as a cooling effect on your smoke, so it provides you with a clean, smooth rip every time! Also, if you take a strong, fast pull you get a tight thick vortex hit. If you take a slow, long hit – you get a loose, wide tornado effect. Mind you, you can play with the smoke effect during the hit that you are taking.

You are provided with such a nice, smooth rip even with harsh cannabis!!

If you are ever looking for another piece to smoke your goods out of, I highly recommend getting a Vortex Pipe if you see one available in the shop. Not only are you going to be proud of this piece of art, but you are going to enjoy every sitting that you experience with it! You can smoke less and still get where you need to be – thus allowing your stash to last you prolonged periods of time. On top of that – you will be completely entertained during the process!