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There are so many stories circling the air regarding police encounters – whether there are reasons behind them or not, that is up to them to decide. I feel that they do have quite the power trip radiating off of their uniforms though.

Did you know that here is Arizona, you can get pulled over for “walking on the wrong side of the road”. No Joke, this is serious. It did not happen to me, however, it did transpire with one of my close smoke buddies. He was walking home just like he has been for over 20 years and an officer pulled him over for walking on the wrong side of the road.

He was asked about where his destination was, if he has identification on him, if he had weapons on him, if he had drugs on him, etc. – Pretty much the run down. Mind you, he was sober – not falling all over the place acting retarded.

Why? Why would this cop decide to do this? Without reason? Odd.

Well, let me give you a description. About 6 feet tall, white male, tattoos head to toe, gauged ears, hoodie, flip-flops, cargo shorts, and wearing headphones.

Yep, apparently that is all you need to look like in order to land in the hot seat. Of course he had about 2 grams of weed on him. Which he admit to the officer and showed him, along with his Medical Marijuana Card. Which was awesome because it was his first time having to use the card that he paid so much for to ensure his protection under AZ State Law.

After looking him up in the system and seeing that he was not “wanted” for anything (no warrant) – the officer was going to let him walk – but of course, at that same time another cop was driving by – and you know how they do… They just have to turn on the lights, flip a bitch, and come stir things up trying to “assist” their fellow officer.

Yet again – WHY? Do you feel that your fellow officer does not know how to properly do their job? They did not call it in, they did not request backup. And of course at this point everyone in the area is outside watching and waiting for an arrest to happen… Making innocent people look like convicts in their own neighborhood.

This second officer of course starts in on the Medical Marijuana – and for all of you smokers out there – this is important – KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and KNOW YOUR LIMITS! Luckily for my friend, he knew his rights and his limits and proceeded to inform the police of what those were. Upon further investigation of what they were informed of, they got their verification and allowed him to walk.

It ended up being a 45 minute ordeal – ironically over walking on the wrong side of the road.

Moral of the Story:

Know your rights.

Know your legal limits.

ALWAYS carry your Medical Marijuana Card on your person.

Read up on the laws in your area – it very well might save you from being booked into jail tonight.

Always be polite to police even if they are wrong – it just might help bring that person in a bad mood to a calm and reasonable state of mind.