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Seventy percent of the 61,272 qualifying patient cardholders were males, according to the 2014 end-of-year report. The top unique debilitating medical condition listed was“severe and chronic pain” and was listed by 80% of qualifying patients.

Other highlights:

• New Year’s Eve had the highest number of transactions, almost 80 kilograms.

• About $112 million worth of revenue was generated based on the assumption that the store price for marijuana was $350 an ounce.

• 85 dispensaries were open and operational during the 2014 calendar year.

• 1,563 (about 2.5%) of qualifying patients and 371 (about 58%) of caregivers were authorized to cultivate.

• Eleven cards were revoked, including caregivers with multiple cards.

• Female qualifying patients and designated caregivers were more likely to be older compared to male qualifying patients and caregivers.

• 18-30 year olds had the highest number of transactions followed by 31-40 year olds and 51-60 year olds.

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